The dream of quick money: Is it worth investing in Bitcoin Lifestyle?

Crypto robots or their providers promise high profits without much effort. Special knowledge of the market or trade in general should also not be necessary. A robot that automatically invests in cryptocurrencies and accumulates wealth on the side - that sounds great at first! Yields at record levels have been mainly possible in recent years by investing in bitcoins (BTC), but the risk is great as prices fluctuate enormously. What would have financed a luxury life today can be worth an annual income tomorrow. So is it worth investing in cryptos? How does it actually work and how much previous knowledge do I need? Are the crypto robots good or are there scammers at work here who want to rob me of my hard earned money? After all, I entrust my money to an anonymous machine on the web, can that work?

The Bitcoin hype: from $ 1 to over $ 20,000 at the top

The virtual coins have really experienced a fascinating rise. If the development of the coins was rather ridiculed at the beginning, its value quickly increased twentyfold within a short period of time and within 6 years. It's understandable that bitcoins are often referred to as digital gold. If you bought at a good time and sold again before the price drop in 2018, you could become a millionaire.

Crypto robots make trading easier

Of course, trading on the stock exchanges is quite complex. Hardly any average citizen dares to do speculative investments without prior knowledge, which is also true. As with so many things, artificial intelligence (AI) can help here. Machines and programs were developed that take over trading instead of humans. Fully automated, 24/7, in seconds and based on complex algorithms. The trading robots should make it easier for us to trade digital currency, actually like all other AI products that are currently on the market. The virtual helpers make our lives easier, but just like Alexa, who is accused of spying, buying unwanted products and sending messages, crypto applications are not yet 100% sophisticated. Partly because the software can be faulty and partly because fraudsters behind the bots are actually not service providers, but rip-offs. There is a lot to read about such fraudulent platforms, but does Bitcoin Lifestyle belong to it or is it a serious product? Can you entrust your capital to this platform?

The functions and functioning of Bitcoin Lifestyle

Bitcoin Lifestyle is a trading robot for crypto investments. It takes over the tasks of the classic broker and places options on the crypto exchange completely autonomously and automatically. After opening an account and making a deposit, the user does not theoretically need to do anything else. The goal is to generate the highest possible profits from the bot and thus to receive a passive income without doing anything on your own.

The program's algorithm continuously checks the respective developments and price data and makes its investment decisions based on this. The program is therefore also intended for those who do not have much experience. The platform dashboard is fairly easy to use. Here you get an overview of the current status of trading. You can follow the bot's work in real time, so to speak. Despite all artificial intelligence, a robot is of course no guarantee of profit. The crypto bots also work in a highly risky market with strong price fluctuations. Speculation on digital currencies, with or without software support, is very risky. In addition to profits, rapid losses up to a total loss of capital are always possible.

The advantages of the platform

Bitcoin Lifestyle is fairly clear and easy to use. The trading bot worked well in various tests and also gives newcomers access to the trading market. Previous knowledge is theoretically not necessary, although it is highly recommended. Various deposit methods are accepted, from checking and credit cards, bank transfers to Skrill and Bitcoin. Credit can be paid out daily as required and the cross-platform optimization of the platform is also practical. You can access the bot not only from the desktop but also from mobile devices.

What speaks against the use of Bitcoin Lifestyle

Various reviews of the platform can be found online, some of them extremely positive, others not. How successful or trustworthy the robot works can therefore not be 100% confirmed according to the current status. In addition, not many cryptocurrencies are available for trading, which limits the portfolio. In addition, and this is a significant deficiency, there is not much information on the makers and or the management on the site. Imprint and service number are missing on the page.

Registration, settings and trading

If you simply want to test the crypto robot yourself and get your own picture of the platform, you have to register on the page with your name and email address. The terms and conditions should be read carefully and only then accepted. You will receive a link by email to confirm your registration and identity. Then you will be forwarded to a broker on which crypto trading takes place. In order to be able to start, a minimum deposit of EUR 250 is required. New users should not invest more at first, but should ensure that it works correctly. With the starting capital in the account, the account is activated and you can look around on the dashboard.

Some users report being called by an account manager before the first trade. This can be very helpful if necessary to make the settings for the work of the robot correctly. Limits for sales, profit and loss limits and desired payment methods have to be selected and then the crypto trader can already get started.

How much profit is possible?

The possibilities are very broad, from high profits to total loss everything is possible. On the page itself, the returns of users are displayed in real time - whether only positive examples are shown here and whether they actually exist cannot be verified. Some users report up to 30% profit a day, others over $ 1,000 a week, but you shouldn't rely on that. Anyone who does not necessarily need the money invested and rather copies it mentally will not experience any disappointment. If you actually make a profit, the joy is all the greater.

How serious is the cryptocurrency business?

Bitcoins have always been associated with something hidden, underground, not so legal activities. In fact, it was initially considered the currency of choice for all kinds of illegal business, especially on the Darknet. From weapons to drugs and ransom demands - things like that were done with bitcoins. Why is obvious: users remain anonymous and the digital currency is not controlled by official bodies. As a decentralized means of payment, transactions can hardly be tracked. Bitcoin and Co. have now arrived in the mainstream, but many platforms are still not licensed and there are also some black sheep among the providers. However, the use of Bitcoin Lifestyle is legal, but is not subject to official control.

Conclusion on Bitcoin Lifestyle

A clear recommendation is difficult because there is always a certain residual risk in financial transactions on the web. A test with low start-up capital is certainly suitable for those who are very risk-taking and simply want to try the new crypto traders. But the investment should rather be seen as an adventure and experiment. If you are urgently dependent on capital or profit, a less risky investment is recommended.